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MARINE AND SHIPPING - achieving Net Zero

“Following the introduction IMO 2020 many shipping companies have reported issues with the new blended fuels”

Our family of Fuel Additives are proven over more than 30 years to provide a more stable, longer-life to Marine Fuels.  Maintaining quality of fuels in storage for more than 12 months

Originally developed for businesses with “stand-by” diesel storage and the US Military, continuous development has led to one of the most advanced Fuel Additives available.


Provides greater fuel efficiency which is evidence of more complete combustion. More complete combustion produces more useful energy whilst reducing soot and smoke. The combustion catalyst, lubricity and detergent make it the additive of choice for improving fuel performance.  By enhancing stability and demulsifying water it is a good option when dealing with problem fuels. 

It is designed to be soluble in fuel and can be added directly to fuels.